Understand field visibility

Understand field visibility in form workflows

By default, all fields in the form are visible to the user. The show fields action lets you set conditions and display selected fields to the user. The target field is displayed in the form only when the condition evaluates to true.

You have to initially hide the target fields to display it to the user when the conditions are met. The hide field action allows you to set conditions and hide fields in the form when it loads.

Let's consider the example of candidates applying for the job in a recruitment application. A job application form contains fields related to personal information, educational qualification, and previous work experience. The work experience field will be relevant only to experienced candidates. You can make the form dynamic by displaying the field to the experienced candidates and hiding it for the freshers.

To achieve this, you can add the hide fields action to hide the work experience field to all the candidates when the form loads. Then, you can add the show fields action and set a condition to display the work experience field when the candidate selects Yes in the previous work experience field.

Similarly, you can use hide/show fields in various instances such as showing discount code field for bulk orders in an Order form, displaying more attendees field if more than one attendee per event in an event management app, etc.   

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