Understand Zoho CRM integration

Understand Zoho CRM integration in an approval process

Zoho Creator and Zoho CRM have been integrated for efficient usability purposes. With Zoho CRM integration task, you can push data automatically from Zoho Creator to your Zoho CRM account when a record is approved/rejected.

Consider a 'Registration' form in the Zoho Creator mobile app used to collect the customer details when a customer shows interest in a product in a tradeshow. You can create an approval workflow and add a Zoho CRM integration task in the 'Registration' form to push the customer information to the 'Leads' module in your Zoho CRM account when the regional sales head approves the record. This action will add the customer information in the leads module of your Zoho CRM account, whenever the sales head approves the customer details from the 'Approvals' section in Zoho Creator.

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