Understand record comments

Understand record comments

Record comments enable users to add and view comments in a record. The comments are available in the detail view of each record. This capability works based on the permissions that are defined for the shared users (the users with whom the admin shares the application) of the applications. The admin user will determine which of the users will fall under which permission bracket.

Permissions for record comments

Permissions for record comments are part of the over all permissions of each module. The permissions are form specific. The comments are enabled by default for admin users.

Let us assume you have a Project Timeline form in your Task Management application. This form can have multiple reports. When you enable record comment permissions for this form, the users with view access to this form will have the same comment permissions to all reports associated with it. 

There are two permissions that the admin user can assign: Read Comments and Write Comments.

  • ReadComment: Enables user to view the comments that are in the record.
  • WriteComment: Enables users to add and view comments that in the record.


  • Users can only delete the comments that they have added.
  • Admin users can delete any comment in the record or all the comments in a thread.

Let us assume you have an in-house Delivery Management application in place. This application includes Product Details, Stock Details, Delivery Person Details, Customer Details, and Delivery Status. The forms (modules) are shared with groups of users within the firm (like Product Supervisors, Delivery Managers, Stock Keepers, and Delivery Persons), sometimes with permissions for multiple forms. The delivery manager or admin user enables permissions to the required modules to the required shared users. For instance, Product Supervisors and Delivery Persons have view access to Delivery Status module, the admin can specify that Product Supervisors will have Read Comment permission, while Delivery Persons will have Write Comment permission. This facilitates Delivery Persons to add comments and replies on the status of delivery and Product Supervisors to view those comments. The Delivery Persons can also tag other users (with view access to the same module) in the comments. 

The Delivery Manager who is the admin can add comments and replies, and also delete any comment or all the comments.

To set comment permissions for users:

  1. Navigate to Settings.
  2. Click on Users.
  3. Select the Permissions tab.The list of permission sets that you have created will appear.
  4. Select the one in which you want to set comment permissions.
  5. Select the required comment permissions.
  6. Click Update button.

The record comment permissions will reflect for the users with view access in the application.

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