Understand predefined filter

Understand predefined filter for list report

Sifting the voluminous data to retain particular information is what filtering is all about. It is often essential to selectively display and view data. For instance, you can have a single report based on a form and three different kinds of audience. Your audience might be of different demographics and the kind of information they are looking for might be different as well. In such a case, you can create three separate reports for the three audience types. This is easily achievable with the use of Filter feature.

The predefined filter functions based on the principle that records that match the specified criteria must be displayed when the report loads for the user. So, the report features only those records.

For example, if you have a Student Register application with a report that details the Student Profile that includes personal information and department details, filter will help you effectively compartmentalize the information based on departments. You can add a criteria that filters records matching a specific department to appear in a report. Thus, each department could be a filter criteria based on which the records are displayed.

In the image below, the field value English in the Department field serves as the criterion based on which the records are filtered and displayed:

In the image below, the field value Biochemistry in the Department field serves as the criterion based on which the records are filtered and displayed:

The filtered reports could be accessed using browser, phone, and tablet.

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