Understand predefined quick filters

Understand predefined quick filters in kanban report

Quick filters make narrowing down to specific records easier. Filtering must be based on certain conditions that the user deems suitable to drill down to the records that must be displayed eventually. Choice field values and date-time field values serve as filter options. If your form contains any of these field types, the corresponding field names will be displayed in the report as quick filters.

For instance, you have a report that captures status of delivery details. The report has choice fields such as status and delivery person. You have a case where you want to view the records of deliveries handled by one person. Click the filter icon and the choice field values will be displayed. You must select the person. The relevant records will appear. 

You will find the filter options in browser, phone, and tablet. In phone and tablet, selecting filter will lead you to a seperate screen wherein you need to select the parameters based on which the records must be filtered.

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