Set filters

Set filter in a kanban report

Filters in a report enable you to separate and view only the records that you require. Applying a filter ensures that only the filtered records are displayed when accessing the report.

To add filter criteria:

  1. Navigate to the Design page.
  2. Hover on the preview of the report.
  3. Click the Open Report Properties button.

  4. Select the Filter section.

  5. Click Add Filter/strong>.

  6. Select the field that the criteria is based on.
  7. Select the operator that determines the criteria.
  8. Enter the value for the criteria.​
  9. Click Save. The created criteria will be added.

  10. Click Done to exit report builder.

You can create a combination of criteria with an AND or OR condition. Click the (+) icon to add more than one condition to the criteria.

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