Configure web chart

Configure web chart

Web chart configuration includes getting values for the x and y axes. Configure a web chart using the steps given below.

To configure a column chart

  1. Drag and drop a webchart from the chart gallery. A chart configuration sheet slides in from the right. 

  2. Select a form to represent its data on the chart.

    Note: The FORM dropdown lists all the forms in the application you are currently working on. To select a form from another application, click the Change App in blue in the footer of the form dropdown. Select another application and click DONE to view all the forms in it.


  3. Select a field to map the category axis (x-axis).
  4. Enter a label for the x-axis.

  5. Choose a value type to be displayed on the y-axis.
    • Aggregate: Display the aggregate such as Sum or Count of the field. 

    • Actual: Display the actual value of the field.

  6. Enter a label for the y-axis.
  7. Evaluate for:
    • All Records: Evaluates for all the records in the form.

    • Selected Records: Evaluates for records based on the set criteria.
      • To set criteria: Click Selected Records > Select Field > Select Operator > Enter a value . Choose AND or OR to add criteria. 

  8. Click the PREVIEW option at the top right of the chart configuration sheet.
  9. Close the preview window and make further edits to the chart or click DONE to confirm submission.

To configure a stacked web chart 

  1. After Step.4 in the simple column chart configuration, choose a Stack by field from the drop down

  2. Continue configuring from Step.5 .

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