<panel> tag

<panel> tag

The <panel> tag defines a container that holds a <pr> (panel row). 

Parent tag

  • <column>

Child tag

  • <pr>


Attribute DescriptionValuesDefault ValueRequired



A unique identification value given to an element. It helps to differentiate multiple instances of the same element. 

  • Alphabets: a-z, A-Z, 
  • Numbers: 0- 9
  • Space
  • Underscore
  • The "id" is case-sensitive.

  • No two elements within the same ZML document must have the same ID.
bgColorSpecifies a background color for the panel
  • Hexadecimal value (Eg: #fafafa)
White (#ffffff)Optional 
titleDefines a title for the panelAny alpha-numeric strongn/aOptional 
titleFontFamilySpecifies the font to be applied to the title textArial, Georgia, Lato, Proxima Nova, Roboto, Roboto SlabBased on the application theme



titleSizeSpecifies the font size of the title textNumbers: 1 to 94Optional 
boldTitleSpecifies the weight of title texttrue/falsefalseOptional 
italicTitleSpecifies an italic style for the title texttrue/falsefalseOptional 
titleColorSpecifies a font color of the title text
  • Hexadecimal value (Eg: #fafafa)

A panel tag must have atleast one <pr> and one <pc> element in it.

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