Add a report

Embed a report into a page

You can embed report from any of your Zoho Creator applications into the page as a report or as a button.

To add a report to a page

  1. Click the REPORT option from the page elements menu on the left. A menu will slide in.
  2. Select an Application from the dropdown provided. This dropdown will list all the applications available in your Zoho Creator account.
  3. Select a report from the Report dropdown. All the reports in the selected application will be listed here.

  4. You have two options to embed the report into the page:
    • Embed as Report: To embed as report, simply click and hold the mouse over 'Embed as Report' and drag it into the builder.
    • Embed as Button: To embed the report as a button, click and hold the mouse over a suitable button option under 'Embed as Button' and drag it into the builder.

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