Understand send email action

Understand send email action

The Send Email notification action allows you to send customized email messages whenever a user submits a new record or when an existing record is modified or deleted. Additionally, Zoho Creator gives you the flexibility to include form data submitted by the user as an inline message.

You can use email notifications in various instances such as:

  • Sending product shipping and delivery messages
  • Notifying the sales manager when a user shows interest in a product
  • Sending feedback request email to employee on tour report submission
  • Sending email to HR when an employee updates profile information
  • Notifying the concerned faculty when a student selects a domain
  • Send email notification to the concerned person when there is a status change in a task.

An email notification consists of the FromTo and the Message fields. You can dynamically add values to these fields using Zoho variablesSystem fields, and the Form fields.

The table below lists the Zoho variables and the System fields that you can use in the notification to assign values dynamically.

VariableReplaced with
zoho.adminuseridEmail address of the application admin
zoho.loginuseridEmail address of the logged in user
${Added_Time}Record added time
${Added_User}Name of the user who added the record
${Added_User_IP_Address}IP address of the user who added the record
${ID}Unique number assigned to a record
${Modified_Time}Record modified time
${Modified_User}Name of the user who modified the record
${Modified_User_IP_Address}IP address of the user who modified the record

Apart from the above fields, you can make use of the form fields, i.e., the fields in your form to customize your message. For example, if you have a field name as 'Employee Name' in your form, you can include the variable '${Employee_name}' in the body, and it automatically replaces the actual data entered by the user.

The message field contains text and HTML editor and therefore you can use any HTML tags to format the text. For instance, if you enclose the text inside <b>tag</b>, it will turn bold in the email while <em>tag</em> will italicize the text.

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