Understand integration

Understand integration

Zoho Creator and Zoho CRM have been integrated for efficient usability purposes. With Zoho CRM integration task, you can push data automatically from Zoho Creator to your Zoho CRM account, which would otherwise require manual execution. Let's take the example of creating a lead in CRM. You can add the lead information in Zoho Creator form and have it simultaneously added in Zoho CRM without re-entering data for the second time in CRM.

Consider a Registration form in the Zoho Creator mobile app used to collect the customer details when a customer shows interest for a product in a tradeshow. You can add a Zoho CRM integration task in your Zoho Creator app to create a Lead simultaneously in the 'Leads' module of your Zoho CRM account. This action will add the customer information in the leads module of your Zoho CRM, whenever a customer fills data in the Zoho Creator(Registration) form.

Note: The Zoho CRM integration task will add a record in the target CRM module only when your Zoho CRM subscription allows it. For example, imagine that you've subscribed to Zoho CRM's Standard edition and that you've added the integration task is set to add a record in Zoho CRM's Purchase Orders module. This task will not add a record as the Purchase Order module isn't available in Zoho CRM's Standard edition.

Apart from adding a record in Zoho CRM, you can also perform more actions such as fetch, search, update, get related records, and attach files in Zoho CRM via Zoho CRM tasks in Deluge.

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