Understand custom action

Understand custom action in schedules

Zoho Creator provides a collection of predefined actions that can be configured directly from the Workflows section. Although the list of actions that exist in the workflows section is extensive, it is nevertheless finite. In some cases, you may have to implement a specific business logic whose requirements are not met by the predefined workflow actions that are available.

To cater these specific requirements, Zoho Creator lets you create and add custom actions in your workflow. You can create these custom actions using our simple yet powerful scripting language, Deluge. Deluge bridges the gap between your thought process and your application's logic, which helps you perform complex actions with fewer lines of code than with traditional programming languages. The custom action section consists of the drag and drop Deluge script builder that lets you add functions and logic to your application to complete complex business tasks.

You can execute a custom action in the following instances.

  • On a specific date and time
  • On the date field value in the form

The custom action can be used exactly like the list of other predefined actions. This capability lets you customize the functionality in your workflow to match any of your specialized business requirements.

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