Switching between versions | Upgrading to Zoho Creator 5

Switching from Creator 5 to the previous version

Once your Zoho account is upgraded to Creator 5, you won't be allowed to switch back to the Creator version you were using. However, upgrading certain application settings will require your active involvement. To facilitate this, we've put in place links that will allow you to access the required resource of the older version.

  • When you switch to the older version, your applications may not work as excepted if it contains parts that are exclusive to Creator 5. For example, when you switch back to the older version to perform any of the following activities, a form containing fields that are arranged in a mixture of one-column, two-column, and three-column layouts may not appear as expected.
  • The below given options will be temporarily available only if they are applicable to your account.

To view the old workflows

To view and manage the old sharing

To switch back to Creator 5

  1. Go to your Zoho Creator home.
  2. Edit any Creator application.
  3. Click the Try New Builder or Try New Version link at the top. You'll be taken back to Creator 5.

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