Understand offline access

Understand accessing forms offline from mobile devices

Out of the box, apps built using Zoho Creator allow offline access from mobile devices – iPhones, Android phones or tablets, and iPads. The mobile app caches all the forms a user accesses from their device, which enables them to submit those forms even when their mobile device is not connected (or is unable to connect) to a network.

As a connection to the cloud is required for the following functions, offline access will not be available if your form has:

  • A formula field whose expression contains other fields
  • An integration field
  • A workflow that triggers actions before form submission

Flow of offline access

  1. User submits data through the offline-capable forms cached in their mobile app
  2. User can view all offline entries at a glance, edit, and delete them
  3. When the user goes online, the mobile app will auto-submit all offline entries
    • Each entry will be subjected to its Form Properties, such as Allow one entry per user, Disable form after a certain number of entries
    • The data in each field will be subjected to its Field Properties, such as Mandatory, No Duplicate Values
    • Form workflows that are set to execute actions after data is submitted will be triggered for each record
  4. If any entries fail (owing to form-level or field-level validations), the user can see why they failed and either correct and resubmit them, or delete them

Things to know

  • As a connection to the cloud is required for field properties — such as Mandatory and No duplicate values — will not be validated when a user submits your form, but rather during the auto-submission of records when the user's device is back online
  • All cached data — the forms and offline entries — will be deleted when a user signs out from their mobile app
  • Capturing Added Location during offline form submission is supported

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