Initial value

Understand initial value for fields in your forms

The field property Initial Value enables you to set a value to a field when your users access your form to submit an entry, i.e., when the form loads. Setting initial values for the fields in your forms is one way making it easier for your users to fill out your forms. 

Setting an initial value for a field does not restrict your users from entering a different input in that field.

Setting initial value from the form builder

The Initial value field property is available for the following fields:

  • Set initial value for the email field: Learn how
  • Set initial value for the phone field: Learn how
  • Set initial value for the single line: Learn how
  • Set initial value for number, percent, decimal and currency fields: Learn how
  • Set initial value for the drop down, radio, multi select and checkbox fields: Learn how
  • Set initial value for the date, time and date-time fields: Learn how
  • Set initial value for the decision box field: Learn how

The Initial value for a field must adhere to the field's character limits:

  • For single line and email fields:
    • The Initial value cannot exceed 255 characters
    • The Initial value cannot exceed the Max characters value if it's set. You cannot set an initial value that exceeds the maximum characters the field can accept.
  • For number, decimal, percent, and currency fields:
    • The Initial value cannot exceed 19 digits (including the decimal point in case of decimal, percent, and currency fields)
    • The ​Initial value cannot exceed the Max digits and the Decimal points values if they're set

Other ways of setting values for fields automatically

The initial value set for a field using Deluge script has higher precedence over other methods of setting initial value.
  • Adding set field value task in workflows
  • Setting field values via Deluge script in the On load block of the form, or the On user input blocks of other fields in that form

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