Field size

Understand setting the size of form fields

The Field size property enables you to set the size in which the field's input area is displayed when your users access your form from a web browser. It's not applicable when your users access from mobile devices. Supported values are Small, Medium, Large, and Custom.

The following image shows fields with different sizes:

Factors that influence a field's size

When the Field size is Small, Medium, or Large, its input area's actual size will be influenced by the width of your user's web browser's window.

Field sizeWhen window's width
is 480-1365 px
When window's width
is 1366-3840 px
Small100 px170 px
Medium200 px240 px
Large300 px370 px

There's a minimum value applicable when you set a Custom field size. This varies based on the field type:

Field typeMinimum "custom" size in pixels
Name, address, multi line, users200 px
Percent, currency, drop down, radio, formula  60 px
Single line, decimal, number  30 px
Email, date, date-time, integration, lookup, URL, multi select, checkbox, file upload, image, audio, video100 px
Phone170 px
Rich text270 px

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