Set allowed countries

Set allowed countries for phone number field

  1. Open the form builder.
  2. Select the phone number field. Navigate to the Field Properties -> Appearance section, displayed on the right.
  3. Click Choose countries next to Allowed Countries.

    The Configure Appearance window will open, as shown below:​

  4. Click Select the countries. A list of countries will be displayed, as shown below. Scroll through the list and select the required country.

    Alternatively, you can type in the field to search for the required country. As shown below, typing "united" lists the countries containing the phrase. This way, you can more easily select the required country.​

    Repeat this step if you want to add multiple countries.​

  5. After selecting the required countries, click CONFIGURE.

When a user accesses your phone number field, the country calling code drop-down displays only those countries which you added following the above given steps.

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