Configure bidirectional relationship

Configure bidirectional lookup field

To configure bidirectional lookup:

  1. Navigate to the form builder.
  2. Drag and drop the lookup field. The Lookup field window appears.
  3. Select the Form from which you need to fetch data.
  4. Select the Field.
  5. Click the toggle button to Enable bidirectional data sync.
  6. Select existing relations with the form.
  7. Select the appropriate DisplayFormat for the lookup field.
  8. Click Done. The lookup field will be added.

The lookup field properties pane indicates that a bidirectional lookup is configured.

  • Use drop-down (single selection) and multi-select (multi selection) fields, when there are more options. This facilitates search and auto completion of search
  • Use the radio (single selection) and check box (multi selection) fields, when there are fewer options and there is no requirement for search and auto completion of search
  • User will be able to change Display Type: dropdown to radio button and multi select to checkbox

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