Define bidirectional relation

Define bidirectional relation for a lookup field

  1. Open the form builder.
  2. Select the required lookup field.
  3. Navigate to the Field Properties > Bidirectional Relation section on the right.
  4. Check the checkbox next to Bidirectional Relation.

    A popup window will appear:

  5. Select the required field from the drop-down next to Fields to be Related.
  6. Select the required choice from the drop-down next to Display Type, then click DONE.
    • Select Dropdown or Radio Button to relate one record in this form to one record in the source form (the form that has the field that the lookup field shows data from)
    • Select Multi Select or Checkbox to relate one record in this form to many records in the source form
Once you define the bidirectional relation for the lookup field:
  • Its Field Properties will display the selected field and display type
  • Zoho Creator will add a lookup field of the selected display type in the source form

Image depicts a lookup field in an Employees form that is bidirectionally related with the lookup field Employees - Name in the Departments form

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