Understand decision box field

Understand decision box field

The decision box field enables your users to enter a true/false or yes/no response. The input area of the decision box field features a single checkbox:

  • If your users check this checkbox, this field's value is set as true
  • If your users let this checkbox be unchecked, this field's value is set as false


With respect to the user-experience of the decision box field on a form, you can:
  • Make it Mandatory:
    • Making the decision box field mandatory will force your users to check its checkbox. Until your users check the checkbox, they won't be able to their data through your form.
    • If your users do not check the decision box, form submission will fail and a message will be displayed below that decision box field.
  • Set an initial value for this field, which yours users will see when they access your form.
  • Customize the field name and field link name of this field.
  • Enable showing this field only to the app’s admin (and hide it from other users).
  • Enable displaying a tooltip message when your users hover their mouse on this field.
When your users access the decision box field in reports, you can:
  • Set the Display Value: The decision box field stores one of two values - true or false. Instead of showing these values, you can enable your users to view a custom text (that doesn't exceed 50 characters). For example, you could display true as "Yes" and false as "No".

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