Domain Restriction

Domain Restriction

The Domain restriction feature lets you restrict access only to the users whose email addresses belong to the verified domain. It secures your application as it prevents users from other domains from gaining access to your application. A verified domain is a domain (eg: that is owned by you or your organization and in which you have all the administrative privileges.

By default, users whose email belongs to any domain can be added to your Zoho Creator application. However, in some cases, you might want to restrict the users with whom the application can be shared based on their email addresses. In such scenarios, the 'Domain Restriction' feature is beneficial.

Domain restriction will be applied to the exiting users of the application. When enabled, the status of the users whose email doesn't belong to verified domain will be changed to 'Inactive' and will not be able to access the application.

For example, let's consider an organization named "Zylker". It has a verified domain "" and wants its Zoho Creator application to be accessible by individuals who are part of the organization, but not with those from outside Zylker. To achieve that, Zylker can enable domain restriction in the application for the verified domain "". So, the application can be shared with an user with email "" but cannot be shared with an user with the email "".


To manage field-level access:

  1. Go to Application Settings.
  2. Select Users & Permissions tab.
  3. Select Domain restriction. The Domain restriction page appears.

  4. By default, the domain restriction feature will be disabled. To enable it, click on the disabled button.

  5. A pop up will appear requesting the confirmation for the domain restriction. Click the Enable button in the pop up to proceed.

  6. If any of the existing users in your application don't belong to the verified domain then an alert will be displayed.

  7. If the application or the components have been shared with other domain users under the 'Share' section then Domain restriction will not be enabled.

  8. Domain restriction can be enabled only after you unshare the application to the users from other domains. To do so, navigate to Application settings --> Share -->Shared details. In the Shared details page, unshare the application to all the users who don't belong to the verified domain.

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