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Field Actions - On Update

 Field Actions - On update

If you want to perform action whenever the value of a field is modified, you can write an on update script for that field. The on update script is executed after the changed data is persisted in the database. 

The On Update script will not be called if fields are updated using custom actions in view.


on update
// specify deluge code to be executed



Let us take the example of a Feedback Application form. In the below sample, whenever the status of a feedback is updated as Closed, a mail will be sent to the person who had reported it.

if (input.Status == "Closed")
From : zoho.adminuserid
To : input.Your_Email_Address
Subject : "The feedback you had sent has been incorporated in zohocreator"
Message : "The details are as below" + "Category " + input.Feedback_Category
+ "" + "Comments " + input.Comments

 Sample Application

Go to and edit any record. There is a hidden field that captures the new updated value in its field. Below code was written in the On Update section.

Updated_Value = Choose_any_option;

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