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What is a field

Fields are specific categories of information contained in a Form. For example, a Contacts Form contains fields like Name, Address, E-mail, Mobile Number etc. Each field in a form, has a label name by which a field will be referred through out the application. When you add a field to your form, you must tell Zoho Creator, what type of field it is. A field type is based on the kind of data the field should contain. For example, if a field should contain only dates, you create a Date type field. Zoho Creator supports many types of fields that can be used to organize your data efficiently.

Each field contains a particular value, depending on the field type. For example, a field labelled "E-mail Id " may contain the value "" or a field labelled "Total" may contain the value "$25.00". The field type limits the type of data entered in a field. For example, you cannot enter a number in a text field.

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