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Setting Initial Value for a Field

You can preset a Form Field with any default or initial value of your preference. When accessed in live mode, the Field will be loaded with the assigned value inserted automatically. Users accessing the Form are allowed to edit the assigned value if they want. For example, let's say we have a Form with Fields Product Name and Product Quantity. The default value for Product Quantity has been set as "1". Now, when the Form loads in live mode, the Product Quantity field value will be preset with the value "1". The value "1" can be edited by the user who is accessing the Form in Live mode.
                                                                    Screenshot displaying the Initial Value option in Edit Mode

  • The value specified must be compatible with the Field data type. For example, the initial value specified for an Email field type, must be an email id.
  • To set an initial value for a new Field:
    1. Drag and drop the required Field to the Form.
    2. Specify the initial value for the Field in the Initial value text box under Field Properties.
  • To set an initial value for an existing Field:
    1. Select the Form from the Dashboard in Edit mode.
    2. Select the Field to be edited.
    3. In the Field Properties, specify the initial value for the Field in the Initial Value text box.
  • You can insert dynamic values to Fields via script. For example, setting today's date for a Date field, current time for a Date-Time field, logged in user's email for Email field. This can also be used for the Fields where you see the "Initial Value" option missing.To set an initial value via script:
    1. Go to On Add -> On Load script section of the Form.
    2. Drag and drop the Set Variable task.
    3. Choose your field name for the variable and give a (dynamic) value in the text area.

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