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QR code and Bar code scanning

These are optical labels, containing machine-readable data, which can be scanned to fetch information. The information fetched can be a value corresponding to a particular field in a Zoho Creator Form. For example, a field can be filled up with data by simply scanning the concerned QR code or Bar Code. While configuring QR code and Bar code scanning for a field, you can set the following options for that particular field:

  • Set the field input before the form is displayed. In this case, the camera is launched to scan the QR code or Bar code before the form is displayed. Once scanning is done, the form is loaded with the field value.
  • Allow or restrict users to manually enter data into the field.
  • Set Primary or Secondary Camera as default source to scan QR codes and Bar codes.
  • Allow or restrict to switch camera source.
  • Enable or Disable Photo Gallery to select a QR code or Bar code.
  • Set a duration to preview the data fetched after scanning a QR code or a Bar code.
  • Automatically submit form after scanning.

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