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All the forms and reports in your application will be listed distinctly under respective section. Section is determined at the event of creating a form or a report. When you create an new form or a report, the pop-up that follows prompts you to place the form or report under a new or existing section. These sections can later be rearraged in Settings. Sorting the forms and reports this way, helps you categorize the application components. For example, if you have an application with a Sales form with its report and a Products form with its report, the Sales form and report will be listed under the "Sales" section, and the Products form and report will be listed under the "Products" section. You can add new sections and rearrange the Forms and Reports by just dragging and dropping it under the required section.


To work on sections:

  1. Navigate to Application Settings. The Settings page appears.
  2. Select Sections tab. The Sections page appears.
  3. Click on New Section button to add a new section.
  4. Specify the section name.
  5. Click Add.
  6. Select the Edit button placed near the section name.
  7. Specify the new name.
  8. Click Update. The section will be modified with the specified name.
  9. Drag-and-drop various Forms and Reports to place them in different sections.

Hiding a Section

If you do not want to display certain forms or reports when user accesses your application, you can place them under a new section and select the Show/Hide button near the section name. On hiding a section, the forms and reports listed under the section will not be displayed when the user accesses the application. Click on the Show/Hide button to unhide a hidden section.

Deleting a Section

The delete button is displayed only if you have forms/reports arranged under more than one section.

To delete a section, select the Delete button near the section name. However, deleting a section does not imply that the components under that section are deleted. The components are retained while the container, which is the section, disappears. When you delete a section, all the forms and reports listed under the section will be moved to the previous section and when you delete the first section, all the forms and reports will be moved to the following section. 

All applications must have a section under which the forms and reports are listed. You will not be able to delete all the section. The forms and reports of an application cannot be absolutely indepent of section. There must be at least one section in which the components are housed.

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