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The Zoho Creator mobile app can cache recently accessed Forms, so it is available when a user's device is offline or unable to connect to Zoho Creator. Apart from automatic caching of Forms, the mobile app supports saving of Reports, so that they can be accessed offline. Records submitted during offline is synced automatically when your device is online. For iOS devices, the Zoho Creator app must be active, to enable automatic synching of records. For Android devices, automatic synching of records take place when device is online, irrespective of the app state. The cached data is refreshed when a user accesses Zoho Creator. All cached data, failed entries, and saved reports will be deleted on logout.

Offline access for Forms and Reports

  1. Forms accessed from Zoho Creator mobile app will be cached. For example, assume that we have assessed the highlighted Forms and Reports in the "Sales Data" app, from mobile.

    Image of Forms and Reports accessed from mobile in online mode

  2. When there is no network, only the cached Forms and saved Reports will be listed in the respective tabs, as shown in the screen-shot below.  

    Image of cached Forms and Reports in offline mode

  3. You can add new records to cached Forms. The records added in offline mode will be listed in the Offline Entries strip present on top. Click on the strip to view the records. The records will be synced when you access the app online. If the offline records fail to sync, you'll see the Failed Entries strip on top, which can be corrected and then resubmitted.

    Image displaying the "offline entries" strip                                                         Image of record added in offline mode

  4. Click on a Report. Note that you can only perform grouping of records, search records with specific criteria, apply filters and print the report. 

    Image of a Report in offline mode

Saved Reports

  1. Multiple reports can be saved from the Zoho Creator mobile app, for offline access. For example, let us save the "Sales Report". Click on the icon displayed on the top-right corner of the report header and click on Save Offline.

    Image displaying the "Save Offline" option for a Report accessed from mobile in online mode

  2. The saved offline report will be automatically listed when the device is offline. When the device is online, the offline saved record can be viewed from the Go Offline tab as shown below.

    Image displaying the "Go Offline" option in online mode

  3. While viewing saved records in offline mode, you can delete the offline saved report by clicking on "Remove Offline" and you can switch to online mode by clicking on "Go Online".

    Image displaying the "Remove Offline" and "Go Online" options in offline mode

Table of Zoho Creator components available for offline mobile access 

ComponentAvailable for offline viewingAdd Records Edit, Delete and Duplicate Records Points to note 
Forms   Yes  Yes Not Applicable
  • Forms with Deluge script, other than "On Validate" and "On Success" scripts, will not be cached.
  • Stateless Forms with on-click button actions will not be cached.
  • Forms with Zoho CRM field will not be cached.
  • Forms with Formula field, whose expression contains field variables, will not be cached.
Reports  Yes No No
  • Only group, search, filter and print action can be performed.
  • Only list, grid, spreadsheet and summary reports can be saved for offline purposes.
Pages   No No Not Applicable Not Applicable

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