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Workspace in Zoho Creator

What is a Workspace?

In Zoho Creator, the term Workspace refers to the common space provided to the users to facilitate complete management of the applications and work as a cohesive unit. All applications shared to you from an individual admin will be listed in one single workspace.


Let's assume you are the Team Lead for Operations in XYZ company. You create a Project Management application in your Zoho Creator account to track all the projects in the pipeline, as well as the nitty-gritty details about the daily work being done to move the projects forward. You're the owner of the application, and it will be listed in your workspace. Let's say you share and provide edit permissions for the application with your Manager. Now, when your Manager accesses your workspace using his Zoho Creator account, the Project Management application that was shared by you will be listed. Your manager can make changes to it as he holds the same privileges as you.

Who can create a Workspace?

  • Group of Individuals: Sam, Lisa, and John are the workspace users with John as the admin.
  • SMB/Enterprise: ABC-Mart, XYZ Corp where 100's of users inside the organization use the workspace and one among them play the admin role
  • Educational Institutions: Teachers and Students collaborating within the workspace and one of them playing the admin role.
  • NGOs: 1000's of volunteers and supporters collaborating within the workspace and one of them playing the admin role.

To view all available workspaces in your account,

  1. Click on the  (settings) icon displayed on the top right corner of your home page. You will be navigated to the Setup page.
  2. In the Setup page, click on Workspaces under Developer.
  3. All available workspaces will be displayed here. You can set the required workspace as your default workspace.

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