How to change the owner of Cliq organization?

How to change the owner of Cliq organization?

The one who created the account in Cliq by default becomes the owner of that organization. You must be the current owner to pass on your ownership to another member. Follow the below steps to appoint a new owner,

  • Click on your Profile Picture and select Admin Panel. 
  • In the admin panel, under Organization click on  Company Info. 
  • In the info tab just below the Organization name, the owner's name will be displayed. Next to the owner's name, you will find the Change owner text, click on it. 

  • In the pop up that appears, enter the name of the user you want to pass the ownership to and hit the Change button. 


Admin Note:

You can select any user and on passing the ownership to them, they will also become admins.


There can be many admins in an organization, but only one owner. Admins have almost the same rights and permissions like owners, except a few. Managing subscriptions, deleting the Cliq organization and assigning a new owner are 3 actions that an admin does not have control over. These 3 actions are managed by the organization's owner. 

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