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If you are a coder, then you're bound to know BitBucket owned by Atlassian. BitBucket is a robust version control repository system which helps developers in their day-to-day tasks. It lets you store your code in a secure place, keep track of all modifications, allow your team members to review and comment, thus allowing you to securely manage all your codes in one place. 
Cliq—team communication software, integrates with BitBucket to help your team stay updated on all changes and edits made in your team's repositories. 

Table of contents: 

BitBucket in Cliq 

The BitBucket extension in Cliq consists of /teamcontribution command and #bitbucketnotifier channel. 

/teamcontribution command 

This command will help you to quickly see the contribution statistics of a repository.  Type /teamcontribution in a chat window and hit enter. This will list out all your repos along with its commits. Clicking on a repo will take you to it's page and display the contribution statistics through Awesome Graphs (an add-on in BitBucket). 
You can also view the commits of each repo and comments done on them as well. All you need to do is click on the View commits button of a repo. This will list out the commits of that repo in your chat window. 

#bitbucketnotifier channel 

The #bitbucketnotifier channel can either be for a team or an entire organization. This option is selected when installing the extension. Once installed the channel cannot be changed to another level.
From its name, this channel serves as a notifier for many actions executed in BitBucket. Notifications will be posted for the following actions: 

  1. Issues
    - When a new issue is created in a repo
    - When comments are made on an issue 
    - When an issue status is updated—Open, On Hold, Resolved, Invalid, Won't fix, Closed.
    - When an issue is assigned to a user 

  2. Commits 
    - When a new commit is added in a repo
    - When a comment is made on a commit

  3. Branches
    - When a new branch is created 
    - When a branch is deleted 

  4. Pull requests
    - When a new pull request is created in a repo 
    - When a comment is made on a pull request 


Only org admins can install an integration for the entire organization, whereas users can install only for their team. Install Bitbucket integration by clicking on the button below, and enjoy instant updates about your team repos right within Cliq chat window.

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