Import bugs from other BugTrackers

Get your bugs off other bug trackers and into Zoho with the Import Bugs and Web To Bugs Form option.

Import Bugs

  1. In bugs List view, click Other actions at the top right corner, next to Filters, and then choose the Import Bugs option.
  2. Click Choose File and select the CSV file to import and then click Continue.
  3. In Import Bugs Wizard, in the Default Fields tab, map List of fields in bugtracker and Columns in CSV file.
    • A warning message is prompted, if you select the same column value for more than one field.
  4. In Custom Fields, map the required fields.
  5. In Select date Format, select the desired date format.
  6. Click Continue to confirm the file import.
  7. Click Import to import the file.
  • The imported bugs are displayed in the List view. A notification is also mailed to your inbox about the bug import.
  • You can import files only in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format.

File bugs from an external website

Start filing bugs from external sites into Zoho Projects. Web To Bugs Form allows you to file bugs from an external application.

    1. In Projects, select the required project, and click Bugs. Click Bug Settings from the displayed option and in Customization, choose Web To Bugs Form.
    2. Click the Plus icon at the top right corner to open the Web to Bugs Form.
    3. Specify Form Name, Return URL and Form/Web page URL.
    4. A warning message is prompted, if you do not specify a valid URL.
    5. Select Flag.
    6. Select the desired Default Fields for the bugs.
    7. Click Generate iFrame.


    8. Copy the generated code to embed in the desired website.

Note: You can also delete or deactivate the form, if required.