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Projects are unique with their own set of requirements and goals. However, many projects have similarities too. Grouping projects lets you view common projects together. Be it the same client or same owner or any other criteria that suit your business.

Create a Project Group

Project groups can be created from the Portal Settings page.

  1. Navigate to Projects and click at the top right and select Manage Groups.
  2. Click or Drop projects(s) to create a group.
    • Alternatively, drag and drop projects to +Click or Drop projects(s) to create a group.
  3. Enter Group Name.
  4. Click Create Group.

Add Project(s) to a Project Group

Add projects to groups with a simple drag-and-drop. Drag a project from the Active Projects window and drop it into the desired project group.

Edit a Project Group

Hover over the group name to see the edit option. Click  to change the group name.

View Projects in a Project Group

Click on the project group to view all the projects within it.

Reorder Projects in a group

Select the desired project group and click . Drag and drop projects and click Save Order.

Reorder Project Groups

Hover over Groups: and click . Drag and drop the groups and click Save Order.

Delete a Project Group

Hover over the project group and click to delete the project. However, any projects associated with the project group will not be deleted. Projects will be moved into Active Projects. A warning message is displayed, when you delete a project group.

Create a New Project and Associate a Project Group

When creating a new project you can associate to a group or add it to a new group. To learn more about creating a new project click here.

Ungroup Projects From a Project Group

Drag and drop projects from their groups to Active Projects. The projects are now ungrouped.

Associate a Project to a Client Group

You can click the Group Projects by Client tab to view the client projects and associate projects to the desired client group. Drag and drop the project into the desired client group.


  • Projects that are not associated with any client group are available in Active Projects group.

Project Search

You can search for projects using Project Search. However, it is case-sensitive.


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