SAML error messages are displayed when SAML authentication request fails. The following table lists the SAML error messages and some troubleshooting tips.

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ERROR message



1. Condition validation failed

The time check has failed.


Synchronize the clocks of identity provider and service provider.

Please check the time on your machine and also adjust the time zone you are in.


2. Signature validation failed



The public key signed by IDP and the uploaded public key do not match.


Upload the new certificate to the Zoho admin portal, and then save and activate the change. If you need help retrieving the SSL certificate, please contact Zoho support and send the HTML error page that appears during SAML authentication.


3. You are not a registered SAML user. Please register before using SAML configuration.


The user does not have an organization.

The Possible reasons could be :

1. It is possible that you typed the address incorrectly.

2. The URL may be invalid.


1.The email address you have entered might not be registered under the mentioned Zoho organization.

2.Make sure that you have typed the address correctly. If the error still throws up, please contact your admin.

4. Authentication failed

Your login has failed


1.You might have entered Invalid credentials. Recheck the username and password provided.


2.You are not authorized to access the application. Or the App is not assigned to you by the identity provider.


5. Invalid SAML response received.

Response format invalid.


IDP issue or the response is corrupted. Contact admin to proceed further.


6.Destination attribute is not present.

The destination attribute in your SAML response doc is not valid.

The destination attribute must be the same as the actual destination. Check the domain names in the response and contact support for further help.


7. Invalid subject confirmation data specified.


SubjectConfirmationData is invalid if:

Has a Recipient value that does not match the current URL target where the is being validated the Response.

Recheck you Saml response and try again. Contact admin if the issue persists.

8. Email address not valid.

The email address/ login name provided might be too long or it is not valid.

Please specify a valid email address.


9. Sign up not allowed.

Org is configured but the user is not registered.


The existing user might have been deleted. Please re-add them.
New users should register before using SAML authentication Please check with ur admin.

10. SAML Response should contain at least one assertion

The assertion URL sent by the IDP does not contain enough information.

Please check with the IDP to ensure that the assertion URL Is valid.

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