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Merge Requests

If the customer has sent more than one e-mail for an issue with different details in each mail, then you can merge these requests into one. This makes it easy to assign and work on a single request. Also, it is possible to combine requests from different contacts. To merge two or more requests, do the following:

  1. Click Requests Module. Select the requests you want to merge from the Requests Home Page.
  2. Click Merge link that appears on top of all requests.
  3. The first created request in the selected list is set as Master Record by default. However, you can change the request that you want to set as master record.
    Please note that the request merged to the master record is deleted and this action cannot be reverted back.
  4. The same fields with different values in the requests are highlighted. Select the value which you want to retain in master record.
  5. Click Merge.The requests are merged into a single request.


  • Maximum of three requests can be merged at a time.
  • The first created case in the selected list is set as the Master Record by default.
  • The values selected from the other records are merged with the Master Record.
  • All related records including Attachments, Tasks and Products are associated with the newly merged record.

Merge Requests