How to schedule interviews?

In Zoho Recruit you can schedule interview in 2 ways:

  • General Interview: This applies for job openings and candidates.
  • Specific to a Job Opening: This applies to candidates who have the related skill set, associated a specific job opening.

Scheduling a general interview:

  1. Click Interviews tab.
  2. Click Schedule Interview, located at the right panel.
  3. In the Schedule Interview page, do the following:
    Interview on: Select the Interview date and time
    Choose the client
    : Select General Interview from the pick list.
    Interviewer: Select the person who is going to conduct the interview
    Type: Select the interview type. It can be In-Person, Telephonic or Online.
    : Specify the venue where the interview is held
    Comments: Specify any additional comments.
    Notify the candidate: Enable the check-box to send an Email notification to the candidates.
  4. Click Schedule.

Scheduling interview for a job opening

  1. Go to Job Openings tab.
  2. Select a job opening to schedule an interview.
  3. In the job detail page, click on Schedule Interview link present in the right-panel.
  4. Select the Interview Date and Time.
  5. Select a candidate to whom you would like to schedule the interview, from the pick list.
  6. Provide other details in the corresponding fields (Refer: Scheduling General Interview).
  7. Click on Schedule.
    The interview is scheduled for the selected job opening.

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