How to customize email alert for the jobs published in my website?

You can customize email alerts for the jobs that is published on your website.

To customize email alert:

  1. Click Settings tab.
  2. Click Careers website page, at the right panel.
  3. Click Edit page.
  4. Mouse over the published jobs section and click Customize.
  5. In Setup job opening list pop-up box --> Click Customize email alert tab.

    - To send email to candidates, tick the check-box "Send email to candidate" and Compose an email message.
    - To send email to assigned recruiter and client manager, tick the check-box "Send email to assigned recruiter and Client manager" and compose an email message.
    Note: You can insert merge fields into your subject line.
    - To attach any resume, image, etc., tick the check-box under the Form field attachments.
    - Click Ok. 

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