Getting Started Guide

Project Groups

You can group projects based on criteria, requirements, clients, users and various other project needs. By grouping projects you can segregate multiple projects and efficiently manage your project groups.

Create a Project Group

You can create a new project group based on your business requirements.

To create a project group:

  1. In HOME section, click Projects.
    • Projects are displayed based on RECENT PROJECTS, ACTIVE PROJECTS (Projects and their groups) and All Projects ( Projects that are not associated with any groups).
  2. Click Manage Groups. By default, displays the Project Group tab.
    • Manage Groups is enabled only if you are the Admin.
  3. Click +Click or Drop project(s) to create a group.
  4. In Group Name, specify the group name for the projects that you want to group together.
  5. Click Create Group, to create a project group.
    • You can now drag and drop projects from Active Projects in to +Click or Drop project(s) to create a group, if required.

In addition, you can create multiple project groups and associate multiple projects in a group.

Edit a Project Group

You can click Edit Group and edit the project group name at any point during the project.


View Projects in a Project Group

You can click on a project group and view the projects associated with that project group.


Reorder Project Groups

You can click Reorder Project Group and reorder the project groups and then click Save Order to save the project group order.


Delete a Project Group

You can click Remove Group and delete the project group.


However, any projects associated with the project group will not be deleted; instead they will be moved into Active Projects. A warning message is displayed, when you delete a project group.


Create a New Project and Associate a Project Group

You can create a new project and associate it to a project group. You can associate a project group only if you are the project Manager or if you have Admin rights.

To create a new project and associate a project group:
  1. In HOME section, click Projects.
  2. Click New Project.
  3. In Project Name, specify a name for the project.
  4. In Choose a Template, select a project template.
    • If you create a project from an existing project template, the Project Start Date option is enabled.
  5. In Project Start Date, select a start date for the project.
  6. In Project Overview, specify a brief summary about the project.
  7. In Owner, select the project owner.
  8. In Group Name, select a project group to associate the project. You can select a project group only if you are the Project Manager or the Admin.
      • If required, hover over Group Name, and then click Add New Group to create a new project group. You can create a new group only if you are the Admin.
  9. In Project access, indicate the privileges to access the project.
  10. Click Add Project to create a new project.


    • If required, you can also edit the project and modify its Group Name. However, you can change project groups only if you are the Project Manager.

Reorder Projects

You can reorder projects within a project group as desired.

To reorder projects:

  1. Click the desired project group and then click Reorder Projects.
  2. Drag and drop the project to reorder as desired.
  3. Click Save Order to save the new project order.

You can also sort projects alphabetically too.

Import Tasks

You can now import MPP/XLS/JSON/CSV files into Zoho Projects and start collaborating.

To import tasks:

  1. In HOME section, click Projects.
  2. In Projects list view, click Import Tasks.
  3. In Import Tasks drop-down, choose the desired file type to import.
  4. In Import From Files tab, click Browse and then select the desired file to import.
  5. In Select file type, indicate the file type.
  6. In Select Project Name, select the desired project.
  7. Click Import to import the file.
  8. Associate the imported file with their corresponding task fields.
  9. In Select date format, select the date format of the imported file.
  10. Click Continue.
  11. A warning message about applying default values to mismatched fields is displayed.
  12. Click OK to continue the import. A flash message about the scheduled import is displayed.


  • All the tasklist available in the imported file are listed in the Classic View.
  • If you map the TASK OWNER to it's corresponding xls field, and continue to import, the Import XLS File wizard is displayed. In this wizard, you can choose to leave the tasks unassigned or associate the xls users to project users.

While importing, if you map only the TASKLIST ID, the corresponding tasklist alone is imported, even if there are identical tasklist names. However, if you map the TASKLIST NAME, all the available tasklist with the given tasklist name are imported irrespective of their tasklist ID.


TASKLIST NAME Mapped Field Name
Imported Tasklist
1234 Edit Template Tasklist ID Edit Template -1234
5678 Edit Template Tasklist Name Edit Template-1234 and Edit Template-5678

Ungroup Projects From a Project Group

You can ungroup projects associated with a project group, if required.

To ungroup projects from a project group:

  1. Click on a desired project group to view its associated projects.
  2. Click on the desired projects and then drag and drop the projects in to Active Projects.
  3. A warning message about removing the projects from that project group is displayed.
  4. Click OK to remove the projects from its project group.

To remove a single project, you can hover over the project and select Remove From Group to remove only that project from its project group.

Remove Group

Associate a Project to a Client Group

You can click the Group Projects by Client tab to view the client projects and associate projects to the desired client group. To associate a project to a client group, you need to drag and drop the project into the desired client group.



  • Projects that are not associated with any client group are available in Active Projects group.

Project Search

You can search for projects using Project Search. However, it is case-sensitive.


Projects Summary View

In Projects, you can view projects based on RECENT PROJECTS, ACTIVE PROJECTS (Projects and their groups) and All Projects ( Projects that are not associated with any groups). You can use the expand and collapse feature to view the projects associated to a project group.

Projects by Client

In Projects by Client, you can view the client projects associated with client groups and other projects associated with the organization. However, to add a client group, you can add clients only from All Users.
You can add a new project, import .mpp files, edit and delete projects in Projects by Client view.