Getting Started Guide

Import Users from Zoho Mail Suite

Zoho Projects provides an option to import users and accounts from Mail Suite. Now you can quickly import your project users for your project portal. This way you can quickly import and add bulk users with ease.

Import Users from Zoho Mail Suite

  • Go to Users tab in Zoho Projects
  • Select All Users or Project Users
  • Click Import from Business link
  • Assign a user role for each user. Click Import Users Now

All project users from your company present in Zoho Mail Suite gets imported in Zoho Projects

Business Users

Note :

  • To import users from Zoho Mail Suite, you need to have an organization account in Zoho Mail Suite. In addition, you need to be the administrator for your organization to import users from your Business account. Furthermore, you also have to be a portal owner or administrator or a project manager in Zoho Projects.