Getting Started Guide

Import Microsoft Projects (MPP / MPX files)

Zoho Projects offers an easy way to import your MPP / MPX project files into Zoho Projects. You can plan your project in Microsoft, import them and start collaborating with Zoho Projects.

1. Go to Home tab. From the right panel select and click Import MPP link. This opens a Import MPP wizard.

Import MPP link

2. Browse for required MPP file, select the project to which the MPP file has to imported and click Import MPP button. This opens a tasks mapping wizard.

Browse MPP file

3. Here map the tasks to Any User, so that the project members can pick the tasks later or assign the tasks to the project members and click Associate Users icon.

Map Users

This assigns tasks to the selected users and quickly imports all the tasks from your MPP file into Zoho Projects. Check for these tasks under Tasks & Milestones tab of your project.

Follow the above steps to import your MPX files too in Zoho Projects.