Getting Started Guide

Collaborate on your projects using Chrome extension

Zoho Project's chrome extension, allows you to access all your portals and it's projects. You can collaborate and concisely manage your project requirements such as post a forum message, add new projects, tasks, bugs, status and view project notifications. You can add the Zoho Project's Chrome extension from Chrome store available at



My Portals

Once you have enabled Zoho Project's Chrome extension, it displays the list of all your registered portals wherein you can select a portal based on your project requirement.



  • To go back to the portal list , you must select Back to Portal list.

Notification Alerts

All project updates related to the various project activities such as adding a status, task and bug are displayed as notification messages.


A notification count of the unread messages related to your projects is displayed on the Chrome extension.


A notification count gets displayed inside the portal too. The notification number is removed only after the project user views the message.



You can access all your projects and collaborate from within your chrome browser and of course you can also add new projects too.


Manage Projects

Zoho Project's Chrome extension allows you to manage all associated projects by posting status, forum messages, adding tasks and filing bugs.

Add a Status

You can add status or post comments in feeds for any selected project.


Create a Task

You can add tasks for any selected project. In addition, you can set prioriry and assign it to users.


Post a Forum Topic

If you wish to post a forum topic, specify the forum title and content and then select the project and category for the forum.


File a bug

To file bugs, specify the problem title and description of the bug and then choose the project and user for whom the bug must be assigned to.