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Working with Zoho PhoneBridge

Once the Zoho PhoneBridge add-on is installed and configured, it is possible to make outbound calls and receive notification of inbound calls from within Zoho CRM. It is also possible to capture all details of a call by logging the call. Sales and Customer Support executives benefit from using Zoho PhoneBridge by being able to record the details of a call immediately.

Making Outbound Calls

Outbound calls can be made from records available in Leads, Contacts and Accounts modules in Zoho CRM.

To make an outbound call

    1. Click a [Module] tab.
    2. Click on a record from the list.
    3. In the Record Details page, click the Telephone Icon next to the contact number.
    4. In the Make the Call popup, click Make a call. (Refer the table below)
      The number is dialed. A screen pops-up with the details of the call (Name, Email and Phone Number of Contact/Lead).


  • If a user is part of only one Zoho PhoneBridge Group and the 'NO PREFIX' option is chosen, then the Make the call pop-up will not be shown before making the outbound call. The contact/leads's number will be instantly dialed.
    The Make the Call popup window displays the following fields:
Field Description
Extn Code This field displays the user's PBX Extension Number from which the outgoing call is made.
If a user is a part of more than one PhoneBridge Group:
One of the user's extension numbers can be set as the default extension number in any of the PhoneBridge Groups that the user is a part of. 
All outgoing calls are made from this Extension Number.
In this case, the Extn code field will display only the default Extension Number.
If none of the user's Extension numbers are set as default, then the Extn code field will display a picklist with the available Extension numbers of the user. The user can choose one of the numbers from which the outgoing call will be made.
Dial Code This field displays the code that will be prefixed to the outbound number.
If a Default Dialcode is chosen for a user in the Users and Extensions section, the Dial code field displays the default code chosen.

If the option 'None' is chosen as a user's Default Dialcode, then, this field will display a picklist with the PBX dialcodes available. Before making the outgoing call, the user can choose the number to be prefixed to the contact/lead's telephone number.
If the option 'NO PREFIX' is chosen for the Default Dialcode, then the contact/lead's number will be dialed as specified in the record details page.
PBX Type This field displays the PBX type from which the outbound call is made.
Phone This field displays the telephone number of the contact/lead.

Receiving Inbound Calls

When an inbound call is received, a screen pop-up showing the details of the call will appear on the screen.
The user must have logged in to Zoho CRM to see the screen pop-up showing the details of an inbound call.

Logging calls in Zoho CRM

A user can capture the details of a call from within Zoho CRM.

  1. Click Log the Call in the pop-up screen that appears during an inbound or outbound call.
  2. In the Log a Call page, enter the corresponding details. See Also Log a Call