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Installing Zoho PhoneBridge

System Requirements

  • A Linux Operating System. Both, your Operating System and your PBX system must be running in the same local network.
  • JDK 1.6.x must be installed in the system in which you will be installing the Zoho PhoneBridge Adapter.

Download Zoho PhoneBridge Adapter

To download the Zoho PhoneBridge adapter

  1. Log in to your CRM account with administrator privileges.
  2. Click Setup > Apps & Add-ons > Other Apps > PhoneBridge.
  3. In the Zoho PhoneBridge page, click to download the required Adapter from the Download PBX Adapter section.


  • You must download a separate Adapter for every PBX system. The PBX systems supported are: Asterisk 1.4, Avaya and Elastix 1.6.

    The links below will explain the installation procedure for each PBX system.


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