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In business, you need to be always up-to-date with the activities related to the most prospective leads or the big opportunities and not get flooded with updates to all available records in your CRM system. Also, you may want to follow up on the cold prospects and do the needful to convert them to a deal. All this is possible with the Pulse feature.

 This feature helps you follow and unfollow leads, contacts, accounts and potentials that are most important to you. The Pulse tab is a centralized place where you can view all the activities of  the records that you are following. It also displays the cold prospects instantly based on a given criteria to take appropriate actions.


Profile Permission Required: All users can make use of this feature in their Zoho CRM account.


  • Supported modules are: Leads, Contacts, Accounts and Potentials modules.


  • Keep a check on all inactive and important deals
  • Get a complete picture of the sales cycle and activities
  • Identify areas in your sales cycle that require instant action
  • Get a centralized view of the sales activities in real time


Enable/Disable Pulse for Users | Show/Hide Pulse Tab


Set up Field Configuration | Follow or Unfollow Records | Set Pulse Rate
View History of Updates