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Set Criteria


By default, all the entries in a Form will be displayed in the Report. By setting criteria to the report, you can create report for specialized reporting needs. For example, in a Sales Database, display only the sales made in a specific region or in an Employee database, display only the employees who have joined on a particular date. The Criteria can be set from the GUI or by writing Deluge Script.

Set Criteria From GUI

  1. Select the report from the Reports tab.
  2. Select the option Set Criteria displayed in the Report Settings -> Summary. The Set Criteria dialog will be displayed.
  3. Select the radio button Selected Records and create the criteria by selecting the criteria field, operator and value. For example, to display the employees who does not belong to the "Payroll" department and joined on feb-01-2012, specify the criteria as shown in the screen-shot below.
  4. Set the condition as AND to display records that match both the conditions or set it as OR to display records that match any one condition.
  5. Click Done to add the criteria to the report. When you access the application, the Report will display the employees who does not belong to the "Payroll" department and joined on the particular date, as shown in the screen-shot below:
  6. You can also apply complex criteria using the option Add Condition Subgroup. For example you already have a list of employees who joined on 01-Feb-2012 and who does not belong to the Payroll department. Now you can further filter the data to get a list of employees with a particular gender. To do this, set the condition subgroup as shown in the screenshot below. You can use AND/OR operator as per your requirement.

To view the entire list of criteria, click here.


To restrict a user from viewing records entered by other users, a Criteria should be set for the report . When the following criteria is set for the report, only the records added to the database by the user who is currently logged in into Zoho Creator is displayed in the Report.

Added_User== zoho.loginuser


Please note that if users can access the form and enter data without logging into Zoho, then this criteria will not deliver the desired results. In addition to displaying the records entered by the user who is accessing the report, the records entered by users who entered data without logging into Zoho will also be displayed.

Set Criteria by Writing Deluge Script

The criteria specified in the GUI will be added to the report definition. You can view the definition by selecting Report Settings -> Definition. For example, the screen-shot given below is the report definition of the report named "Employee Joined on Febraury" whose criteria we defined in the GUI.