BAS Report

Zoho Books helps you in generating the BAS (Business Activity Statement) report for your business in Australia. The BAS report is generated based on the transactions you record with tax in Zoho Books.

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Tax Settings

The BAS Report will be generated based on your tax settings.

To configure your tax settings:

Tax Settings

Insight: If you have already generated a tax return, you need to delete it to change the default tax settings.

Generate BAS Report

You can generate your BAS report based on your tax settings. Here’s how:

The BAS Report will contain the following details:

Sales Entities

BAS Sales

Purchase Entities

BAS Purchases

Simpler BAS Report

You can also view the Simpler BAS Report for the return that you have generated. Here’s how:

Simpler BAS


After you have generated a BAS report, you can make account adjustments in it. Here’s how:

BAS Adjustment Adjustment Accounts

File Return

You can choose to file the BAS return that you have generated. Here’s how:

Mark as Filed Date of Filing

Unfile Return

After you have filed a return, you can choose to unfile it. Here’s how:

Mark as Unfiled

After doing this, the return will be unfiled and you can choose to file it again.

Record Payment

You can record payment for a return that you have filed. Here’s how:

Insight: You can record payment only for a filed return.

Record Tax Payment Tax Payment Amount
Fields Description
Paid Through Select the bank account which tracks the payment.
Amount Paid Enter the amount you wish to pay based on the Amount Due.
Payment Date Enter the date on which you are making the payment.
Reference Number Enter a reference number for this payment.
Description Enter a brief description about the payment.

View Tax Payment

To view the tax payment that you have recorded for a return:

Tax Payment

To delete the tax payment:

Delete Tax Payment

Delete Return

You can delete a return that you have filed. Here’s how:

Delete Tax Return

If you have recorded payment for the return, you need to first delete the payment before deleting the return.


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