Functions in Purchase Orders

Let us take a look at some of the functions that can be performed in the Purchase Orders module.

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Convert Purchase Order to Bill

You can convert a Purchase Order to a Bill.

Scenario: Patricia creates a purchase order with all the items she requires and sends it to Bailey, her vendor. Bailey accepts the purchase order and send all the items to Patricia along with a bill. Patricia will have to record this bill into Zoho Books. Instead of creating a new one, she converts the purchase order that she had already recorded for Bailey to a bill in Zoho books.

To convert a Purchase Order to a Bill:

Convert to Bill

Cancel Items in Purchase Order

You can cancel items in your purchase order.

Scenario: Patricia creates a purchase order with three items and send it to Bailey, her vendor. Baileys confirms that 2 items are available and 1 item is out of stock. On receiving the two items, Patricia pays Baileys for the items received and modifies the purchase order accordingly. She cancels the item(s) in the purchase order (In this case, the item that was out of stock).

To cancel item(s) in a purchase order:

Cancel Items Cancel Items

Now, the items that you have selected will be cancelled and the status of your purchase order will be changed to Closed.

Insight:In a Partially Billed purchase order, only items that are not billed can be cancelled.

Reopen Cancelled Items

You can reopen items that you have cancelled in your purchase order. Here’s how:

Expected Delivery Date

You can set the Expected Delivery Date of the items ordered in your Purchase Order. Here’s how:

` Expected Delivery Date

Set Delivery Date

You can find the expected payment date in the Comments & History section of the purchase order. To delete this date:

Delete Delivery Date

Cancel Purchase Orders

You can choose to mark a purchase order as Cancelled. Once cancelled, it cannot be reopened. Only Open Purchase Order can be cancelled. To cancel a Purchase Order:

Cancel Purchase Orders

Add Comment

You can add a comments to Purchase Order in Zoho Books. The comments you enter cannot be viewed by your vendors.

To add a comment:

Add Comment

Customise Template

You can customize the format of your Purchase Order’s PDF. Here’s how:

Customise Template

Learn more about Templates and Purchase Order Templates.

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