After importing the bank statements to Zoho Books, you’ll have access to a dashboard that displays the latest statement details, the date of the last manual import, the date of the last reconciliation, and the transaction rules added for the bank account.

To view the dashboard of your bank account:

Bank Dashboard

The Latest Statement Details section displays the following information:

1. Total Transactions: The total number of transactions in your latest bank statement that were imported to Zoho Books.

2. Autocategorized Transactions: Autocategorized transactions are those that match the criteria set in a transaction rule, and you have chosen to allow Zoho Books to automatically categorize such transactions during the creation of the transaction rule. There is no need for you to match these transactions manually.

3. Recognized Transactions: Recognized transactions are those that match the criteria set in a transaction rule, and you have chosen to either manually match or categorize them while creating the transaction rule.

4. Best Matches: These are the recognized transactions that match with a transaction in your Zoho Books organization.

5. Uncategorized Transactions: These are the transactions that do not match the criteria of any transaction rule created for your bank account. You cannot match such transactions with transactions in your Zoho Books account. You will have to create a transaction manually in your organization for such transactions.

6. Duplicates: These are transactions in your bank statement that are repeated. Zoho Books will automatically exclude duplicate transactions.

Duplicate Transactions Preference

When you import a bank statement, Zoho Books will automatically exclude the duplicate transaction, if any. You can choose to exclude duplicate transactions manually if required. Here’s how:

Number of duplicate transactions Configure duplicate transactions excluding preference Click No thanks, I'll do it myself

Now, you’ll have to exclude the duplicate uncategorized transactions manually.

Note: This preference does not affect the duplicate bank feeds fetched from your bank. Zoho Books will automatically exclude all duplicate bank feeds.

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