Tasks are the to-dos that you and your users have to complete. In Zoho Books you can create, assign finance-related tasks to your users, mark them by priority, and send reminders.

Notes: This feature is available only for certain plans of Zoho Books. Visit the pricing page to check if it’s available in your current plan.

Scenario: Patricia, the manager of Zylker wants one of her subordinates, Brandon, to follow-up on an invoice by calling the customer two days before the due date. So, she creates a task for that particular invoice and assigns it to Brandon, marks the due date as the date on which the invoice is due and sets a reminder two days before the due date. Brandon receives an email notifying him that this task has been assigned to him. He also gets a reminder two days before the due date reminding him to make the follow-up call.

Benefit of Tasks

With the Tasks feature, you can seamlessly communicate about various to-dos within the organisation. Some of the benefits are:

Enable Tasks

Tasks will not be available in Zoho Books by default. You will have to enable it for your organisation. Here’s how:


Create Tasks

Prerequisite: Ensure that you’ve provided all your users with the required access in the users and roles section.

Once you have enabled tasks and given your users the required permissions in your organisation, you can start creating tasks and assign them to users.

There are two ways in which you can create a task.

  1. Top right corner of any page
  2. Menu bar of a specific transaction.

Top right corner of any page

You can create a task by clicking the Task icon on the top right corner of any page. A task created in this section will not be assigned to any specific transaction.

Top right corner

If you want to associate a task to a particular transaction, you can do it by going to the transaction and clicking the Task icon in that menubar. You can view these tasks on the corresponding transaction page by clicking the Task icon.

You can create tasks contextually from modules such as:

Menu Bar

To create a Task:

Field Description
Title Enter the title or name of the task.
Assign to Select the user to whom you want to assign the task.
Notify user via email Mark this option if you wish to notify the user about the task through email.
Related Contact Add the contact you want to associate with this task.
Due Date Select the date on which you expect the task to be completed.
Priority Choose the priority of the task. You can choose if its very high, high, normal, low or very low priority task.
Set Reminder Set reminders and choose to send the reminders via email, in-app notification or both to the assigned user.

On clicking save, the task will be created and if you had marked the Notify user via email option, the user will receive an email with the task details. You can view the task by clicking the tasks icon in the top right side of the page.

Once you or a user completes the task, it can be marked as Completed from the Change Status dropdown.

Task Preferences

Custom Status

There are predefined statuses in tasks such as Yet to Start, In Progress and Completed. However, if you wish to create other statuses, you can do it by creating a custom status. These custom statuses will have to be created as a sub-status of a predefined status. Here’s how:

If you create a sub-status under Completed, and if that status is applied on a task, no notifications will be sent for that task as it will be considered as completed.

Insight: Only the admins, the assigned user, or the user who created the task will have permission to change the status of a task.

Manage Permissions

You can choose the level of permission you wish to give your users. By default, only the admin will have full access. The admins will have to provide access to the other users, only after which they’ll be able to see the tasks assigned to them. To grant access:

Insight: If a user is given a permission, let’s say View permission, then they can only view the task assigned to them. However, if the user is given both View and Manage other users’ tasks, they can view other users tasks. This applies to all permissions such as View, Create, Edit and Delete under the tasks header in the Users and Roles section.

Other Actions

Delete Task

Notes: Only the Admins, the assigned user, the user who created the task, and anyone with Manage other users’ tasks permission will be able to delete tasks.

To delete a task:

Edit Task

Notes: Only the Admins, the assigned user, the user who created the task, and anyone with Manage other users’ tasks permission will be able to edit tasks.

To edit a task:

Manage Filters

If you want to view tasks based on their status, you can filter them. Here’s how:

Bulk Actions

You can bulk-delete and bulk-update the tasks that you’ve created in Zoho Books. Here’s how:

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