Integrate Zoho Books with Zoho Expense

Zoho Books can be connected seamlessly with Zoho Expense as they both share the same core. Though Zoho Books has a dedicated expense module, Zoho Expense provides a comprehensive expense management experience with additional features such as expense report automation and streamlined reports approvals. Integrate Zoho Books with Zoho Expense to let your accounting and expense management go hand-in-hand.

Benefits of the Integration

Set up the Integration

Note: You can connect one Zoho Books organization with only one Zoho Expense organization at a time.

Warning: Once you set up the integration, you cannot disable it since both apps share the common base.

To connect Zoho Books and Zoho Expense:

Connect Zoho Expense

If you do not have a Zoho Expense organization yet, a new one will be created automatically. A quick setup process will help you get started with the organization.

Once both the apps are connected, the following modules will be synced:

Pro Tip: If you want to sync your vendors from Zoho Books with merchants in Zoho Expense, you can write to and we will enable it for you. Once the sync is enabled, all your vendors in Zoho Books will be synced as merchants in Zoho Expense, and the existing merchants in Zoho Expense will be deleted. A merchant newly created in Zoho Expense will be pushed automatically as a vendor in Zoho Books, and vice versa.

Create Expense Categories

After you connect both the apps, all your categories in Zoho Expense will be available in Zoho Books as Chart of Accounts with the Account Type as Expense.

Similarly, an expense account created in Zoho Books will be available as an active category in Zoho Expense. To do this:

Create Expense Account

View Approved Expenses

When a report has been approved in Zoho Expense, all the expenses which are a part of it will be available instantly in Zoho Books. You can even filter out the list of expenses in Zoho Books to view only the expenses from Zoho Expense. Here’s how:

View Expenses

Insight: An expense created in Zoho Books will not be available in Zoho Expense.

Account for Reimbursements

The expenses that are reimbursed in Zoho Expense will be accounted for automatically in Zoho Books. If they are not reimbursed, you can reimburse and account for them from Zoho Books as well.

Record Reimbursements Manually

To record a reimbursement from Zoho Books:

Record Reimbursement

Match Transactions

The expenses that are reimbursed in Zoho Expense or reimbursed manually in Zoho Books will be labeled as Manually Added transactions. However, when you import bank statements into Zoho Books, you might have to categorize the statement lines or match it with an existing transaction (manually reimbursed expenses). Here’s how you can do it:

Match Transactions

If the statement line does not have a matching transaction, or you do not want to associate it with an existing transaction, you can categorize it manually. To do so:

Categorize Transactions

Learn more about matching and categorizing transactions in Zoho Books.

View Advance Payments

Zoho Expense lets you record advance payments when you create expense reports. Once integrated with Zoho Books, you can view these employee advance payments along with the list of approved expenses. To view this in Zoho Books:

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