Choose and customise templates in Zoho Books. Customise color, font, font sizes and a lot more in the templates. Select information that needs to be shown or change text for the labels.

General Info

Sections that can be customised in templates.
1) Template Properties
2) Header & Document Information
3) Item Table
4) Total
5) Footer

To customise templates,

  * You can either customise the pre-loaded templates or add a new template by selecting the +New button on the New Template section. The new template option will allow you to create a template by asking you to choose one of a pre-loaded templates as the base.   * To edit a template, hover over the template you wish to edit and select the Edit button. * After editing, press the Save button to save the changes.

Common-to-All Modules Customisation

Here are the common-to-all customisation, that can be done in all the above mentioned modules.

Template Properties

This allows you to change the look of the template. From background color, font sizes and colors to adding a background image can be done here. Also allows you to change the way your company address and customer’s name looks.

Customisation Present:

Fields Description
1) Template Name Name of the template that you customize according to your wish.
2) Paper Size This is for printing purposes. Either A4 or Letter sizes can be selected.
3) Orientation You can choose either the Portrait or Landscape layout for your PDF.
4) Margins (in inches) Margins present around the template.
5) PDF Font Font to be used on the PDF. Select from different fonts from the drop down.
Note: On selecting the font, a note appears beneath it briefing about the different languages the particular font supports.

Template Properties

6) Show Organisation Logo The logo uploaded in organisation profile will be placed on the template.
7) Add Attention Content You may want to draw your customer’s attention towards an important message in an invoice. Eg: Your magazine subscription is valid until 12th December.
You can insert placeholders for your content from the placeholder drop down.
8) Background Image Position Add a background image of your company’s logo or any icon and adjust the image positioning from the drop down provided.
9) Background Color Background color of the template.
10) Label Color Color of all the labels provided on the template.
11) Font Color & Size Font color, size for the information and attention content. The font color will be applied to the Terms & Conditions content.
12) Customer Name To adjust font color and size just for the customer’s name on the template.
13) Company Check the box to Show Organisation Address. customise the font color and size with labels for phone and fax.

Template Properties Template Properties

Header & Document Information

This allows you to change the look of the header and the information present in the document. customise the background image, position and even the header content. If it’s a multi-page document, choose if the header should repeat or not. Also customise the labels and layout for the information present.

Customisation Present:


Fields Description
1) Background Image & Position Background image for the header section can be added here and position can be set from the drop down.
2) Background Color This background color is only for the header section.
3) Header Content Content present on top of the document. customise the content by selecting the Customise your header content option. customise from font size, color, alignment to inserting placeholders and tables in the content.
4) Multi-Page Header customisation If the document is a multi-pager and if you wish to have different header content for the first page alone, check the Apply to first page only box.
You can also set the header height for the first page alone and customise the header content for other pages.

Header & Document Info Header & Document Info

Document Information

5) Document Title, Font & Color Customise the title of the document and also customise the font size and color as you wish.
6) Change Label Customise the label names for the fields provided in the document.
Number Field
Date Field
Due Date (Available in Sales Order, Purchase Order, Invoice)
Contact’s VAT Number Field (Available except for Purchase Order)
Reference Field
Sales Person (Available in Estimate, Invoice, Sales Order)
Bill To
Ship To (Available in Estimate, Sales Order, Invoice, Purchase Order)

If you wish to hide any of the fields from the template, check the box present next to the field off.

Header & Document Info Header & Document Info

Item Table

This allows you to show or hide columns related to items and customise those labels. Also you can customise the way item table looks, from table header to item row and description.

Customisations Present

Table Column Width 

The Item Table Column’s width of your template can be adjusted in Zoho Books to perfectly fit in the appropriate information in the respective column. So, when you send out invoices or estimates to your customers for sales transactions, it looks just the way you want it to look. 

For example, you might have created additional custom fields in your Item Table based on your organisation’s requirements. In such a case you might want to adjust the Item Table proportionately with the other columns. You can adjust them and customise your template based on your preferences!

To customise the table column width: 

Item Table

Item Table

Item Table

Note: In case you are new to Zoho Books, the option to adjust Table Column Width will be enabled by default.

Serial Number, Item, Description, Quantity, Rate, VAT Rate(%), VAT Amount, Discount, Amount, are the field labels that can be renamed as your wish. If you wish to hide any of the fields from the template, check the box present next to the field off.

Item Table Item Table

Customise the font color, size and background color of Table Header, Item Row and also the font size and color of Item Description. Also customise the color for Table Header.

Item Table Item Table


This allows you to show or hide labels related to the Total section and customise those labels. Also you can customise the way Total section looks.

Customisation Present:

Total, Sub total, Items in Total are the field labels that can be renamed as you wish. If you wish to hide any of the fields from the template, check the box present next to the field off. You can also customise the position of currency symbol to be before or after the amount. At times, you might need to show the number of items on the transaction. Checking the Quantity box will help you in showing the number of items present.
To show the Summary Table for UK VAT check the Show UK VAT summary table box. This will be available only in the case of customers whose currency is not GBP. The VAT Summary table consists of details of the net amount and VAT rates charged for a particular invoice.

Total Total VAT Summary

Customise the font size, color and background color of Sub Total and Total section. Customising the Sub Total section will also apply to Items in Total section.

Total Total

Footer Footer

Module Specific Customisation

Apart from the common customisation available in different modules, there are specific customisation provided for every module.


Estimate Specific

Estimate Specific


What is a Payment Stub?
Let’s say you have sent an invoice to your customer and he decided to pay you by cash or check. This payment stub section will be added in your invoice for your reference of the amount being paid and your customer can return the invoice with the cash or check attached to you.

Invoice Specific

Paid, Partially Paid, Void and Draft are the statuses shown. This will be shown only in the PDF and not in the preview.

Invoice Specific

Invoice Specific

Invoice Specific

Invoice Specific

Purchase Order

Purchase Order Specific

Purchase Order Specific

Sales Order

Sales Order Specific

Credit Note

Credit Note Specific

Payment Receipts

The Header & Document Information and Item Table tabs have been replaced by Receipt Information and Invoice Details tabs in the Payment Receipts module.

Payment Receipts Specific

The fields for Over Payment, Payment Refund, Amount Received and Currency Symbol have been added. For Over Payment and Payment Refund, you can choose to show/hide the field by checking the box on or off and customise the label name.

Payment Receipts Invoice

You can also choose to Show Invoice Details which will have Payment for, Invoice#, Invoice Date, Invoice Amount, Withholding Tax and Payment Amount under it. You can choose to show/hide the field by checking the box on or off and customise the label name.

Creating Templates in Multiple Languages

There might be a case where your customers might prefer to have the invoice delivered to them in their native language. Zoho Books allows you to create invoice templates in multiple languages. You can associate the template to a contact of your choice.

To create a template in a different language:

New Template

Choosing Template

Choosing Language for Template

The next step is associating your newly created template to a contact. To know more, kindly take a look at our help document for Associating PDF Templates

The same can be done for all types of templates (Estimates, Credit Note, Sales Order, and Retainer Invoice)

Creating Email Templates in Multiple Languages

Apart from creating and sending PDF templates in multiple languages, you can also create email templates in a different language and associate them to a contact.

To create an email template in a different language:

New Template

The next step is associating your newly created template to a contact. To know more, kindly take a look at our help document for Associating Email Templates

Clone Templates from one module to another

You might follow a certain standard template for all your business documents, you need not go to each and every module to create it. You can simply clone the template of your choice, from one module to another.

To clone a template :

Clone Template

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