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As a growing business, you would have a rapidly expanding customer base spread across several domains and locations. When you generate a report, it becomes hard and confusing to find the information you want as the report fetches information about all the customers. Zoho Books allows you to generate filtered reports based on short keywords called Reporting Tags.

You can create and associate Reporting Tags with transactions created in Zoho Books. Once you associate the tag(s) with multiple transactions over a period of time, it will be easy for you to generate reports for transactions based on the particular tag(s).

Let us consider an example where you own a company that does car wash on a subscription basis and a majority of your business is coming from different car rental companies.

Whenever you create an invoice for such companies, you can associate a tag say, ‘Car Rental’ to it. Later on, if you’d like to look up transactions made for car rental companies, all you have to do is generate a financial report based on the tag ‘Car Rental’. You can also go one step further to see your payables and receivables based on say, your Region. You could add location tags such as Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, etc., to see transactions that have been created for customers in these regions.

In this document, you will learn more about the following:

Create a Reporting Tag

New Reporting Tag

Click on Save to save the tag.

Note: You can create a maximum of 10 tags.

Associate a Tag with a Transaction

You can associate tags with Sales and Purchases transactions such as invoices and expenses. For example, while creating an invoice:

Tag Icon

Associate Tags

Click on Save to finish.

Associate a Tag with a Contact or Item

You can associate Reporting tags with a Contact or an Item and it will automatically get added to the invoice when the particular customer or the item is included in the invoice.

Associate a tag for a contact:

While creating/editing contacts, scroll down, select the Reporting Tags tab and choose one of the options for the reporting tags that you had created earlier.

Associate Tag Contact

Associate a tag for an item:

You can associate a tag while adding or editing an item in the Item Details screen.

Associate Tag Item

Generate Reports

One of the most useful features of having reporting tags is the option to generate Business Overview reports including Profit and Loss, Cash Flow Statement and Balance Sheet based on the tags that have been created and associated to transactions.

Customize Report Tags

Finally, click on Run Report to generate a report based on the criteria you’ve set.

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